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This blog hasn’t been very lively since the beginning of our generation’s very own armageddon. I do still have plans for new reviews. It’s just all that terrible senseless war going on, all the doom-scrolling, all news and analytics confirming there is no hope for sentient life on planet Earth, and the collapse of regular economic practices and mundane habits … It was hard enough to survive, keep earning sustenance, stay as sane as possible… Being held hostage in Russia adds a couple more things to that: one also has to avoid random repressions and keep one’s hands and conscience clean from soiling with complicity.

Now, I feel the need to express myself somehow, to speak my mind. I want to talk about things that are swarming in my head while I live my life, not only when I occasionally find time and motivation to explore game worlds. So, here is my new one-man talk show called Show Up and Tell, where I’m going to talk weekly (that is the goal) about things that were interesting or important for me during that week, things I was thinking about. Sometimes, though, I may also not only show up but also show you some of my artifacts if I find any plausible connection to the topic. Other than that, this whole thing could be a podcast if podcast platforms weren’t further limiting the potential audience. The format is as simple and minimalistic as it gets: one man, at least 5 minutes (so far, it’s been taking me around half an hour to stop), no script, one take, 720p camera on a laptop, poor, mistake-ridden English by a non-native speaker who hasn’t had any speaking practice lately. Can you miss that? I’m sure nobody can. So push the play button! You are, of course, free to correct me, argue, ask questions, and offer topics in comments. Feedback is welcomed. Comments settings are as liberal as YouTube allows.

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