My spring Prague part 2

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At first I intended to compose some kind of small but holistic story from my photos of Prague. However a lot of time has passed since my trip and my job, matters of personal business and everyday routine kept me from initial plan. Something unavoidably gets erased from memory, my point of view may also change in some cases with time. So I’ll just try to select the best photos of Prague and provide them with my comments.

Outside of Nový Smíchov shopping mall.obchodní centrum nový smíchov торговый центр новый смихов

Inside the Nový Smíchov.

obchodní centrum nový smíchov торговый центр новый смихов

obchodní centrum nový smíchov торговый центр новый смихов
Dried fruits and nuts from “Happy Squirrel”

By the way, Smíchov district in Prague-5 generally mixes new and old fine.smíchov district район смихов

Even the trams here are from different eras.smíchov tram смихов трамваи

On one side of the street there is grey building with sharp geometric forms…smíchov prague modern building

… and on the other there are houses that had seen a lot of history during the last century.smichov prague street смихов улица прага

Equa Bank office makes tourists like me to turn heads up while local people demonstrate indifference.equa bank prague

Being a tourist I had to visit Old Town Square in the oldest part of the Prague.staroměstské náměstí praha old town square prague староместская площадь Прага

There is always a lot of people.prague old town square praha staroměstské naměstí прага староместская площадь

Prague astronomical clock was undergoing restoration at the moment…staroměstský orloj пражские куранты

… but well recognizable (if not by name then by silhouette) Church of Our Lady before Týn was available to inspect in all of its glory.

Храм Девы Марии перед Тыном church of our lady before tyn Kostel Matky Boží před Týnem

Also back side of old town hall looks pretty picturesque.old town hall prague прага ратуша старый город

One more clumsy selfie.planestranger

Some people there take a ride of horse-drawn carriage.horses prague old town square лошади прага староместская площадь

Others prefer mini-train tours.sightseeing tour mini train prague экскурсионный мини-поезд прага

Those on feet tend to spread among expensive food places located around the perimeter of the squarepraha staroměstské náměstí староместская площадь прага old town square prague

or catch bubbles with their cameras.mýdlové bubliny мыльные пузыри на старой площади

Even the Minnie Mouse got there somehow.minnie mouse prague

Jan Hus observes all those activities with respectable stoicism.памятник Яну Гусу pomník jana husa


old town prague старый город прага

Buildings bear more sculptures than some of Russian towns.

sculptures скульптуры old town square prague

Narrow walking street near the Old Town Square.prague old town narrow walking street прага старый город узкая пешеходная улица

Another view of old Prague.old town prague прага старый город praha

Church of Santa Claus. No presents though. It functions solely as a nicholas church prague

One of the problems every old city with significant history has is there are always some restoration works going on. Thankfully, there is no need to close streets in order to do that.restoration prague прага реставрационные работы

old building prague

Example of modern abstract art near the river shore.modern abstract art prague

Vltava river view.vltava western bank prague

Prague Castle. People on the other bank are feeding the swans.prague castle пражский замок pražský hrad

Some more of western bank of Vltava.prague vltava western bank

vltava prague western bank

Religious frenzy of centuries long gone peaks at the Crusaders’ Square. Church of Saint Salvator. If I’m not mistaken that is the place that was Vatican in “Eurotrip” movie, precisely place of that scene with swiss guards, ice cream and one very special boy.kostel svatého salvátora praha костел святого сальватора

At Crusaders’ square you can also find old catholic church of Saint Francis Seraph.kostel svatého františka serafinského костел Святого Франциска Серафимского

Old Town Bridge Towerstaroměstská mostecká věž Староместская мостовая башня Old Town Bridge Tower

staroměstská mostecká věž Староместская мостовая башня Old Town Bridge Tower

staroměstská mostecká věž Староместская мостовая башня Old Town Bridge Tower

Statue of Charles IV

charles iv карл iv pomník

Just beside the monument people are taking photos with strangely colored white pigeon розовый белый голубь

I didn’t take a walk over the Charles bridge that day. Instead I along the river to the south admiring the architecture. Prague is truly magical in a way that even if there were no museums, theaters, exhibitions and other cultural events, the city itself is a piece of art because of its architecture.tower prague

prague architecture

prague old architecture

prague sky

vltava nabřeží набережная влтавы

See the beauty. There are unique balconies, pinnacles, gargoyles, bas-reliefs and bold use of colors everywhere… Try your best to find two identical prague

prague praha прага

prague praha прага

quiet street prague

prague praha прага

prague praha прага

Of course, I couldn’t miss the famous dancing house.dancing house prague танцующий дом прага tančící dům praha

On the little island in the middle of Vltava you can rent a boat.river řeka vltava

Even though it’s hard to call Vltava a clean river there are wild living nutria.nutrie нутрия прага влтава

Most noticeable among the vegetative lifeforms were blooming chestnut trees that could be found everywhere you went.chestnut tree prague

That day I had a dinner in a lovely place called “U Gráffů” which I liked a lot. There I could watch and eavesdrop a bit people from all over the world some more while I was waiting for my meal. For example, this company of old German ladies (one of several I saw during the trip) was masterfully drinking considerable amount of beer.U Gráffů praha

Interior of the restaurant was inviting to contemplate too.U Gráffů praha

On my way back to the hotel. Red lights of a legal club had already lite. One of the next days there was a girl dressed lightly for a cool night air. I was too shy to take the photo of her without asking the lights night prague

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