My spring Prague part 3

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The autumn has already started its reign in the northern hemisphere, but we have a chance to go back in time to May in Prague, that I captured in my photos.

Architectural and artsy loveliness near the Charles square.

около карловой площади karlovo naměstí near charles square

prague drawings on buildings near charles square

By the way, there is no square in Russian traditional understanding of that word.  Most of the space is dedicated to a park with gargantuan tall trees and simple fountains. There are also small groups of untidy looking people who occupy the benches in quiet shady nooks. I didn’t take photos of them in respect of their human dignity.

prague park huge tree velký strom park praha

park karlovo naměsti fountain фонтан парк прага

Here is also a monument to Czech author and translator Eliška Krásnohorská.

eliška krasnohorská monument памятник

Next stop was Saints Cyril and Methodius Cathedral. Unlike many other historical churches in Prague it still serves its original purpose, even though church services are sparse. If I’m not mistaken they don’t even take place every day. At least in the middle of last day I was passing by and saw everything closed.

кафедральный собор кирилла и мефодия прага eastern orthodoxy cathedral prague

The word “standard” has absolutely no use when you try to describe the architecture in the central part of Czech capital.

prague architecture krasná praha

Central railway station of Prague. You can get from here to Dresden in a couple of hours and to Vienna or Berlin in four.

praha hlavní nádraží прага центральный вокзал

praha hlavní nádraží прага центральный вокзал

The is a small patch of greenery opposite to the station’s entrance where in the middle I discovered a statue of American president Wilson with his words, which had a part in emergence of first Czechoslovak Republic as the independent state.

woodrow wilson monument prague

Charles bridge from the distance.

charles bridge distant view

Stern bearded men at the entrance of quite common building on the western bank of Vltava.

prague statues

Ducks took a free walk along the river too. However I wasn’t able to find swans anywhere that evening. Sod’s law: when I had had a bun for them, they hid.

prague ducks

It’s astonishing to think that somebody actually lives in all that splendor, solves everyday routine problems and returns tired after the working day to one of those homes along the river.

Janáčkovo nábřeží

venceslaus iv prague

zodiac signs on buildings prague

prague images on buildings прага росписи на стенах домов

prague nabřeží

Four-wheeled retro for jaunts like that one can often be seen on tourists’ paths.

prague retro car

Near the entrance to Charles bridge.

charles bridge entrance prague

The bridge itself has many monuments on both sides. Generally speaking all of them have religious meaning. For example here you can see Jesus with his followers.

prague jesus christ

Some saint with a propeller.

saint Anthony of Padua

Francis Borgia, who was the general of jesuits and great-grandson of the very same Borgia you all have heard so much about.

francisco borja prague

That crucifix has the peculiar legend attached to it. Allegedly in XVII century one rich jew was in some way disrespectful to it. That made the townsfolk angry and eventually jew was sentenced to pay for gold inscription in Hebrew that was praising the god. The zesty part of the story is there was no mentioning which one. I don’t understand Hebrew language, therefore true meaning of that text is unavailable to me. The hard fact is however that monument attracts masses of tourists from around the world who touch it without the fear of global pandemic.

jesus touching monument

Female saints.

charles bridge saint barbara margareth

Giant chestnuts that are growing at the foot of the bridge reach above the houses and above the statues.

prague giant chestnut near charles bridge

By the way, I’ve noticed that Prague manages to combine big old trees with high building density rather well. At least I’ve never seen roots of the trees ruining the roads or pavements. I also have never seen ugly sticking stubs left after the trees were mercilessly cut in avoidance of something.

Prague’s “Venice”

пражская венеция

Mánes Bridge

Mánesův most

Eastern bank of Vltava

vltava east bank view

Tourist boats take trips on Vltava at any time of the day.

vltava tour boat

prague beautiful architecture

Bridge tower. In the evening on Charles bridge and near that place there are so many tourists you can get in a traffic jam while walking. People constantly collide. It is indeed an ideal place for pocket pickers.

charles bridge tower

Your guide to Prague. Actually although the beer was delicious, I was drinking it only for one day. Czech Republic can offer an abundance of other interesting alcohol as well. Especially I would like to mention strong liquor called Praděd (which means great grandfather in English). It’s not sold everywhere, but if you by chance see it I recommend you to taste some.

planestranger beer prague

This post was originally written in Russian somewhere around October the 1st in 2018 and translated to English just now.

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